İstanbul nakliyat
Bid No Name of the Work Opening Date Submission deadline
27.21.0000. Design, Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of 230/33kV GIS Substation at Mirsharai EZ and extension of 230kV GIS bays at existing 230/33kV BSRM Substation on Turnkey Basis 09-10-2017 09-08-2017 11.00 AM (GMT)
27.21.0000. International Engineering Consulting Services For Replacement of Overhead Transmission Line by Underground Cable including river crossing portion 24-09-2017 24-09-2017 5:00 pm
01/PGCB/Sec(TLD&QC)/3784 Replacement of existing 132 kV double Circuit line over proposed 400kV switchyard by underground cable and supply of Stub Materials on Turnkey Basis. (Contract No. PGCB/132KV/UG/AMINBAZAR) 13-08-2017 13-08-2017 11:00 AM(BST)
01/PGCB/Sec(SSD & QC)/2017/3645 Design, Supply, Transportation, Installation, Erection, Testing and Commissioning of 230/√3/138/√3/34.5 kV, 45/60/75 MVA single phase auto transformer at Hasnabad & Haripur 230/132 kV substation on turnkey basis. 10-08-2017 10-08-2017 11.30 AM
01/PGCB/Sec(TLD&QC)/3518 Supply, Delivery, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of Bheramara (Bangladesh)-Baharampur (india) 2nd 400kV Double Circuit Overhead Transmission Line (Bangladesh portion) on Turnkey Basis. Contract no. PGCB/400kV/BHRM-BHER/TL 09-08-2017 09-08-2017 11:00 AM(BST)
01/PGCB/Sec(SSD & QC)/2017/2562 Design, Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of Aminbazar 400/230 kV Substation on turnkey basis 07-08-2017 07-08-2017 11:30 AM (BST)
PGCB/Sec(SSD & QC)/2017/3691 Engineering Consulting Services For Supervision of the implementation of 400/132kV Sub-Station at Gopalganj Under “Construction of Patuakhali (Payra) – Gopalganj 400 kV Transmission Line and Gopalganj 400 kV Grid Substation” Project. 30-07-2017 30-07-2017 16.30 BST
01/PGCB/Sec(SSD&QC)/3423 Design, Supply, Erection, Testing and Commissioning of New 132/11kV Air Insulated Substation at Payra and extension of 132 kV bays at existing Patuakhali 132/33kV Substation on Turnkey Basis 19-07-2017 19-07-2017 11:00 AM(BST)
01/PGCB/Sec(TLD&QC)/3183 Design, supply, installation, Testing & Commissioning of 230kV Single Circuit Cu. XLPE cable from Ghorasal 4th unit to 230kV Switchyard. (Contract No. PGCB/230kV/UG/GHOR) 11-07-2017 11-07-2017 11:00 AM(BST)