E-Tender ID Name of the Work
    153365 Barbed wire changing security boundary wall maintenance and painting of Dohazari 132/33 kV grid substation under GMD, Chittagong-South, PGCB, Chittagong.
    151468 Procurement of 400 kV Surge Arrester for different Grid substations of Power Grid Company of Bangladesh Ltd. PGCB.
    150755 Repair and maintenance of civil work for Joynagar PGCB divisional store under GMD, PGCB, Ishwardi, Pabna.
    150183 Pipe Line Painting of Firefighting System of Bangladesh-India Power Transmission Center at Bheramara.
    148032 Supplying of different types of Testing Equipments for Manikganj Grid Sub Station under GMD, PGCB, Aricha.
    148022 Construction of 2 new 132 kV Tower No. 12 & 13 of Hasnabad-lalbag/ Kamrangirchar Transmission line increase ground clearance due to construction of Flyover associated with N-8 Project at Equria Point.
    147877 Repair and maintenance of Halishar-Khulsi Single Circuit line under GMD, Chittagong-Central, PGCB.
    147803 Procurement of 132 kV Circuit Breaker for Grid Circle Chittagong & Dhaka-South, PGCB.
    147739 Supply and construction of 2 new 400 kV Tower between tower No 85 & 86 of Meghnaghat-Aminbazar line to increase ground clearance due to construction of Railway over bridge associated with N-8 Project at Kuchiamara Point.
    146989 Cutting jungle/grass and Shrub at between Safety wall and boundary wall inside of the safety wall Roadside area port head tower on 47 & 48 under area with enclosed by chain link fencing within June/2018 of Mirpur 132/33 kV Grid Sub-Station Under GMD, Dhaka (North-West), PGCB.
    146750 Writing of Circuit name & number of tower on tower legs and protection of tower legs at Khulshi-Madunaghat 132 kV T/L under Khulshi Grid Sub-sation, GMD, Ctg (North), PGCB.\r\n
    146566 Repair, Maintenance & Painting works of 500 Sq.f Quarter (Ground Floor east side) and 500 Sq.f Quarter (2nd Floor West Side) at Mirpur 132/33 kV Grid Sub-Station Under GMD, Dhaka (North-West), PGCB.
    146556 Operation, Maintenance& Servicing of 04 No’s Lift at NLDC.
    146536 Collection of Gravels removal of plants & grass and re-placing of the same gravels in the switchyard after washing repairing and relaying old brick soling with rule pointing etc. at Hathazari 230 kV Switchyard under GMD, Ctg (North), PGCB.\r\n
    146310 Repair, Maintenance & Painting works of Capacitor Bank Building at Mirpur 132/33 kV Grid Sub-Station Under GMD, Dhaka (North-West), PGCB.
    146244 Tower Leg painting and different indication marking work of 01 to 55 No. towers (Total-55 Nos. Tower) of Aminbazar-Savar 132/33 kV Transmission Line Under GMD, Dhaka (North-West), PGCB.
    146241 Annual Operation & Maintenance of 210(3X70) Ton Central Air-Conditioning System at NLDC.
    146141 Anti Corrosive painting work with necessary reinforcement Work of H-Beam for rusted and defected tower of 230 kV East West Inter Connector Grid Transmission Line Under GMD, Aricha, PGCB.
    146139 Construction of firewall, switchyard soling with supply & laying of gravel at T-3 Bay of Niamotpur 132/33 kV Grid Substation under GMD, PGCB, Rajshahi.
    144751 Base casting works of tower number 930 and Land slide protection works of tower number 914 of Chondroghona-Kaptai 132 kV transmission line under GMD, Chittagong South, PGCB.